Travis Perkins case study

Mesh Enclosure

The Project

With many businesses struggling to negotiate their way out of recession, it is the long-standing, slowly built partnerships that often point the way to success. Dynamic Systems Limited (DSL) has just such a relationship with leading builders’ merchant Travis Perkins, a partnership that has grown steadily over the last five years.

Beginning with warehouse racking maintenance work, DSL has gone on to work in partnership with Travis Perkins on all aspects of storage at its central distribution warehouse in Brackmills, Northampton. Recently, this included the decision by Travis Perkins to centrally distribute a new range of hazardous products.

The company has always sold chemical-based building products, incorporating flammable, corrosive and toxic items, but they were delivered direct to trading branches from the manufacturer. The decision to store them centrally meant that they could be distributed to branches with all other products, but the new range required special provision in the warehouse, so DSL was asked to evaluate the possibility and suggest viable storage options.

Working closely with Roy Spencer, Operations Manager at Brackmills, DSL designed and refined a new installation, consisting of a number of bunkers and a purpose-built mesh cage.

The flammable products are segregated – to meet fire and insurance requirements – in the cage, which is a 60-metre run of racking, totally enclosed in appropriate mesh. In addition, 30 fire-resistant, bunded bunkers were constructed to house hazardous products.

Each bunker is individually isolated so that toxic and corrosive products can be kept separate from each other to avoid contamination. If the fire alarm sounds, doors on both the cage, and each individual bunker, close automatically to assist with fire containment.

DSL also produced a roller assembly, which stores two pallets in each bunker, to simplify loading and unloading. After working closely in conjunction with the manufacturers of the bunkers, the rollers were installed 150 mm above the floor, with bunding underneath so that, in the event of a spillage, products are prevented from mixing and creating a dangerous concoction.

As the warehouse has developed, a solid partnership has built up between DSL and Travis Perkins, as Roy Spencer confirms: “DSL’s prompt service and attention to detail has suited us very well, and the relationship has grown from a tentative one to a diverse and trusting partnership.”

“DSL’s assistance on our hazardous goods storage project has been invaluable in helping us to ensure the safety of our employees and visitors’’, says Roy Spencer. ‘’Safety was a key factor in the initiative, as well as ensuring legal compliance with the storage and handling of the product range.”