Travis Perkins case study

Project overview

Leading builders’ merchant Travis Perkins is enjoying improved efficiency following the completion of its new storage and picking system. Not only has storage capacity been increased, but the pallet-live system which has been installed provides quicker access to products and a versatile structure in which to store the wide range of different-sized goods the company processes.

The system was installed into a refurbished distribution centre and consisted of two mezzanine floors painted in Travis Perkins’ corporate colours, above a marshalling area and pallet-live storage operation.

The Solution

Dynamic Systems designed a pallet-live system with 744 locations to store bulky items.

Lanes were installed on the ground floor to enable individual pallet items to be picked and two-pallet deep bulk-picking locations were provided on the sides of the mezzanine floor to give access for VNA trucks.

Pallet Live

The pallet racking element of the pallet-live system was designed with ready-punched upright posts, bracing and longitudinal beams.

The racking support structure provided a strong framework for supporting the conveyor track sections at a slope of 4%.

Each pallet lane was fitted with 60mm diameter rollers with a unique speed-regulating roller in each pallet position, to restrict pallet speed to 0.3 metres per second.


The carton-live system for smaller products consisted of a framework fitted with highcapacity roller tracks, designed to fit most
rack structures.

Roller tracks and side guides were adjustable, allowing a quick change of lane widths, slopes or heights.

Project results

The benefits to Travis Perkins of the new system were quickly apparent: where each of its 750 branches had previously ordered goods direct from individual manufacturers, the new distribution centre meant the company was now able to order in bulk and enjoy the considerable cost savings this offered.

Sending a single delivery to each branch every day was more effective not just in terms of cost but also time. And the refurbished site is benefiting from increased efficiency.