SCA Hygiene case study

The Project

SCA’S new operation gives increased storage and efficiency as well as safety benefits.

A new production facility and international distribution centre is providing SCA Hygiene not only with increased storage capacity, but also with higher levels of order picking efficiency.

The company, Europe’s leading supplier of tissue and personal care products, has made a major investment in the new site, at Skelmersdale in Lancashire, which will despatch 25,000 cases of product a day. The new picking operation also provides significant health and safety benefits through its use of order picking tunnels, which keep pickers away from the main fork-lift truck routes.

Increased storage

Increased storage capacity was a major requirement in the new distribution centre, but other factors such as pick rates, ergonomic picking, fast throughput and efficient use of space also needed careful consideration. It all needed to be achieved without compromising on health and safety.

System design

Dynamic Systems looked at SCA’s whole stock profile and analysed the number of SKU types, as well as the throughput of fast, medium and slow movers. This allowed them to produce a bespoke solution: a system which allocated the stock into storage areas for bulk storage, single-pallet picking, full-pallet picking and picked pallets. Providing storage for around 8000 pallet positions, the installation featured standard pallet racking, drive-in racking and Pallet Live and Push-Back storage systems. The novel design integrated standard modules supplied by Interroll Dynamic Storage with an adjustable pallet racking structure to meet the specific requirements of the application. A simple yet effective ‘pallet release’ system was designed to improve the efficiency and safety of the picking operation.

Order picking tunnels

Dynamic Systems specialises in order picking tunnels, which allow fast-moving stock to be picked from pallets on both sides of an aisle in the most efficient order, whilst minimising walking distances and thus increasing productivity. The picking tunnel concept was very attractive to SCA, not just in terms of efficiency and ergonomics, but also because of the health and safety benefits it offered to pickers by keeping them away from the main fork lift truck routes.

Installation completed under challenging conditions

From initial tender to completion of the project took just twelve months and the installation was carried out under difficult conditions – on a working site, full of raw materials and with new machinery also being installed at the same time. Nevertheless, the project was completed on schedule and on budget and is now fully operational.