Bluesuntree case study

The Challenge

We all want to get the best value for money in business. But sometimes experience can turn out to be priceless, as this case shows. Bluesuntree furniture and Interiors is a growing online specialist selling modern, contemporary and designer classic furniture. Having found a new warehouse, they had a tight deadline in which to fit it out in time to move from their old site, so they needed to act quickly.


1982 pallets are now being stored (and moved as required by a standard reach forklift!). As a result of Bluesuntree’s confidence in DSS, Gillard was also given the contract to complete the office fit out. Interior blinds, plus glass and solid office partitioning to a high specification throughout created administration, canteen and meeting rooms, incorporating a sound block wall between the showroom and works area that matched the existing fixtures and fittings perfectly.

Our approach

Bluesuntree started the project and had found a racking company that provided a layout design. As with any large warehousing project, Bluesuntree’s Owner Robert Cain wanted to see some comparison quotes, which is when they contacted Dynamic Storage Systems (DSS). However, on seeing the proposed design, it was apparent to DSS Managing Director Howard Gillard that it was not fit for purpose. One of Bluesuntree’s key warehouse requirements was to allow for a standard reach forklift truck to operate. Unfortunately, the proposed design had been based around a special articulated truck with aisles way too small. It was never going to work.

So Gillard began a new design from scratch. Bluesuntree’s brief was still the same – provide racking to hold as close to 2000 pallets in the space as possible – but by gaining an insight and understanding of the products coming in and going out, DSS were able to look at a bigger picture. As a result, Gillard was able to come up with a more effective layout that would get as near to that 2000 pallet target as possible, but also create a better workflow to allow for the variances in product size. And, most importantly, DSS’s new design would work with a standard reach forklift.

Needless to say, DSS were awarded the £100k+ contract; work commenced and was completed bang on time and on budget. The final design included low level wooden decked levels suitable for small item picking, mesh anti collapse to the rear of the single runs of racking, heavy duty lower rack leg to minimise minor accident damage and ease of removal, tubular end rack barriers and rack labelling and signage throughout.

Following successful completion, Bluesuntree awarded DSS a second warehouse to fit out with another 1217 Pallet positions of storage capacity in the newly acquired adjacent bulk warehouse. Robert Cain commented “Both our projects on time, on budget and fit for purpose and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is considering a warehouse or office fit out project”.