Following extensive data analysis and evaluation the Dynamic consultancy team proposed a reconfiguration of the racking solution providing the client with improved pallet storage capacity, faster and more ergonomic picking, reduced walking distances, reduced health and safety incidents between trucks and people picking, increased pick face with guaranteed replenishment.

Dynamic proposed to segregate the warehouse into a highbay storage facility using the existing narrow aisle trucks and then reorganising the picking areas into fast, medium and slow SKU pick locations.

2 deep floor mounted pallet live storage lanes for all fast moving SKU’s picked from pallet to be installed providing replenishment aisles for trucks and safe working aisles for people. A total of 318 gravity pallet live lanes were installed to suit both Euro and Industry pallets up to 2.3m high. In addition a total of 3444 lanes of carton live storage beds and mesh shelving were recommended to be fitted within the racking for slow and medium moving SKU’s and family groups.